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Ein einfacher Reinigungsplan

Ein einfacher Reinigungsplan

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There never seems to be enough time to do everything and if cleaning is one of your least favourite things to do, this easy cleaning schedule is going to make your life a bit easier.

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When it comes to daily tasks, something has to give. There is work, looking after the kids, having some kind of life and keeping the house clean. We can’t do everything and something falls behind and for us it is usually the house. Don’t get me wrong, our house is not a filthy tip, but we needed more of a schedule to keep on top of things. That’s how we came up with this easy cleaning schedule.

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Cleaning Schedule infographic

It’s not just the schedule itself that makes our lives easier, but the products we use. If you use cheap and useless cleaning products, then you are going to spend twice as long as you need to get the job done. Which is why we use e-cloth for all our cleaning. Not only does it make the job easier, but you don’t need to use harsh chemicals when cleaning – just water!

selection of e-cloth products

E-cloth make a range of cleaning cloths and products that allow us to clean our homes without using harsh chemicals and after reading their report on cleaning products, chemicals is something we definitely want to cut down on. Many of the chemicals commonly used in household cleaners can irritate the skin and exacerbate allergies and asthma, while bleaches and disinfectants can contribute to antibiotic resistance and harm to the environment.

Clean Cleaning infographic

But with e-cloth you can remove the thick grease and grime, as well as potentially harmful bacteria with nothing more than water. Or use them dry to draw up and take away dust and dirt.

close up of e-cloth products

The average household spends four hours and seven minutes a week on housework and £200 a year on cleaning products. However, with e-cloth will not only save you time by making cleaning more efficient, but save you money by not having to buy cleaning products too. We love the general purpose cloth because it’s so versatile and also the Bathroom Pack because it has everything you need to keep your bathrooms sparkling. For those tougher to clean pots and pans, the washing up pad is perfect as it is tough on washing up, but gentle to non-stick finishes. One side is smooth and ideal for crockery and glasses, but the other side will remove stubborn food from saucepans.

e-cloth general purpose cloth

You can find the e-cloth range in Waitrose, John Lewis, Dunhelm, Lakeland, Robert Dyers, Selfridges, Ocado and Sainsbury’s. The e-cloth range along with the cleaning schedule below means we spend less time on cleaning and more time doing the things we enjoy.

As you can see, we have some tasks that we do every day to keep things clean. Things like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom surfaces and we wash up/ load the dishwasher every night as there is nothing worse than waking up to a messy kitchen.

e-cloth washing up pad

Also, when you have children, 15 minutes spent picking up toys at the end of the day is essential. You don’t want to come downstairs to a carpet full of lego!

Then there are tasks that we do once a week that aren’t essential daily tasks but need to be done each week like vacuuming (although this is done more often sometimes as needed) and mopping the floor. We also clean out the fridge on a Sunday. We get rid of old food and give everything a wipe down ready for the food shop the next morning.

Following this cleaning schedule has made our lives so much easier and kept our house cleaner. We hope that it will help to do the same for you.

Cleaning Schedule infographic

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